COVID-19 Precautions

 The standard of cleanliness of our cottage has always been commended but in light of the threat posed by the Covid-19 virus we have undertaken a risk assessment and shall be taking extra steps until further notice.

Before your Arrival

There will be a minimum of 72 hours (three days) between departures and arrivals. This will allow time for the steps mentioned below and will also allow a fallow period between visitors.

On top of our established thorough cleaning routine, hard surfaces will be swabbed with bleach giving particular attention to light switches, door handles, hand rails and fittings that have high contact.

Items such as the TV control, radio, computer keyboard/mouse, the ‘Welcome File’ with its plastic folders, cleaning equipment and containers will all be wiped with disinfectant.

The dishwasher and washing machine will be put through full, hot cleaning cycles between guests.

Bedlinen and towels will be washed on a hotter cycle than previously as well as being treated with laundry disinfectant.

Your Arrival

The keys will be sterilised in boiling water and sealed in an envelope ready for collection, together with any parking permits you have ordered in advance. Social distancing will be maintained during the handover

During your Visit

We expect all guests to maintain regular hand washing throughout their stay, in line with the Government’s guidelines, and especially on returning to the property after excursions. Hand wash will be provided. We will not be supplying any other toiletries.

A supply of cleaning materials and disinfectant will be available for use in kitchen and bathrooms.

Crockery, cutlery, etc. must be washed in the dishwasher rather than by hand.

Before your Departure

Guests must leave the cottage in a state of basic cleanliness, ensuring that all bins have been emptied into a tied black bag and deposited in the black wheelie bin. Recycling is to be emptied into the boxes stored in the shed.

Please strip the beds and leave bed linen in the downstairs shower room. Please leave all towels in the bath upstairs.

Except in extremely wet weather, please partially open the windows (other than those of the ground floor front rooms and the ‘means of escape’ window at the far end of the back bedroom).

Your Departure

Social distancing must be maintained when the keys and any parking prmits are returned.

The effect of unforeseen health problems due to Covid-19 (See our terms and conditions)

 If, after booking but within three weeks before your arrival, you (a) receive a positive result from a test for the virus, (b) have been required to isolate yourself, e.g. because of contact with someone who has tested positive, or (c) show any of the recognised symptoms of the virus (loss of sense of smell or taste, high temperature, persistent dry cough, unusual skin rash), please notify us at once. Your booking will be treated as cancelled and you will receive a full refund of all monies paid to us by you.

If, during your visit, (a), (b) or (c) above takes place, please notify us at once. We shall discuss your options with you and your party, but the presumption will be that your party’s visit should immediately be terminated and you should return home, with a partial refund of your payment (proportionate to the part of the booked period you have lost). If your party is unable to leave, and your stay is therefore extended beyond the original booking, additional charges will apply at the weekly rate applicable to your booking.